The Problem

Christian education is formation. We are forming our young people into faith-filled citizens inspired by faith to do right and stand tall in a world hungering for paths to truth. What the world is not hungering for is division, race-factions, and calls for intolerance. Yet many within society and the Church are teaching exactly those things. Many Catholic schools have turned their backs on authentic Scripture and actual Wisdom, to instead teach noxious and intolerant topics like “white fragility” or “Christianity as a form of oppression” or “gender fluidity.” These are not Catholic, not unifying, and not consistent with the Body of Christ celebrated in the Eucharist. We seek to bring our wayward schools, teachers, and clergy back to the unifying fold of Christianity as proclaimed in Scripture and the Wisdom of the Saints, Philosophers, and Theologians who have left to us their great teachings. We must fight to ensure these teachings are not removed and replaced by ugly factionalism drawn from the worst of secularism.

There are many reasons that parents send their sons to Jesuit High School. Rigorous religious education, excellent athletics program, a space without the distractions of the opposite sex and most importantly the desire to place their sons in an environment where they can build colorblind relationships with others from every station and walk of life that will last a lifetime all while learning about men for others.

Yes, racism is real and has been through all human existence. Slavery as subjugation has also scourged humanity through recorded time. It has always been sinful. But we do not throw out all humanity to fix it. Dialogue, education, and action are necessary to stamp it out, including any incidents that occur on campus. But parents are the first educators of their children, not school administrators or teachers. The introduction of identity politics, shaming students about white privilege, deconstructing the past, reorienting history, and openly advocating and inculcating a tired and failed ideology into every classroom and every subject have no place at Jesuit High School or any other Catholic school.