Resources (sample communications)

2021 Concerned Parents survey of Jesuit High School parents, showing overwhelmingly negative parental reaction to objectionable teachings

Concerned Parents (Jesuit) email to parents (January 21, 2021) summarizing events to date

Concerned Parents (Jesuit) email to Jesuit High School Board upon Board’s abrupt cancellation of promised meeting (January 30, 2021)

Concerned Parents (Jesuit) email to parents (May 24, 2021)

Concerned Parents (Jesuit) email to parents (June 4, 2021)

Concerned Parents (Jesuit) email to parents (July 3, 2021) (also placed under links to Catholic teachings)

Concerned Parents (Jesuit) email to parents (July 31, 2021)

Concerned Parents (Jesuit) email to parents in response to Jesuit High School statement regarding National Catholic Register article (article dated September 16, 2021; email dated September 21, 2021)

Concerned Parents email to S. Carroll, J. McGarry, and M. Wood, extending invitation to Town Hall III (email dated November 9, 2021)

Concerned Parents email to parents (December 7, 2021)

Concerned Parents (Jesuit) email to parents (April 9, 2022) regarding mental health and well-being roundtable and general update.

Concerned Parents (Jesuit) email to Concerned Parents announcing Concerned Parents webinar regarding emotional and mental harm to students, dated April 18, 2022

Concerned Parents (Jesuit) email to Concerned Parents regarding Jesuit’s announcement about falling enrollment, dated April 22, 2020.

Concerned Parents (Jesuit) email to Concerned Parents providing update regarding canonical process, dated May 26, 2022.

Concerned Parents (Jesuit) email to Concerned Parents providing update regarding canonical process, dated June 21, 2022, and attachment (for attachment, see section titled “Resources (canon law and lawyers),” under “Letter to USF President Paul Fitzgerald”)

Concerned Parents (Jesuit) email to parents, alumni and donors, dated August 3, 2023, regarding the relocation of Xavier Prep president/principal to Jesuit High School (Sacramento), with a child safety investigation pending in the Diocese of San Bernardino and apparently not disclosed.

Concerned Parents (Jesuit) email to Jesuit High School’s Principal Wood President (Rev.) McGarry, and the Jesuits West Province, dated November 9, 2021, containing warnings by mental health professionals about the dangers associated with divisive teaching content.

Verbatim texts of several disputed texts made compulsory for young teens at Xavier, compilation dated August 1, 2023

Concerned Parents’ emails to Jesuits West Province, to Diocese of Sacramento’s Superintendent of Schools, to Jesuit High School’s Board of Directors, and to the Concerned parents, all dated on and around December 15, 2023, regarding apparent failures of process associated with Chris Alling, including redacted psychotherapeutic assessment of child harmed by sexually violent and graphic mandatory reading, including materials.

Concerned Parents, Donors and Alumni’s Canon Lawyer Laura Morrion’s (JD, JCD, Ph.D.) letter sent in hard-copy to Bishop Soto of the Diocese of Sacramento, dated February 13, 2024, first formal step in the canonical process challenging Jesuit’s continued sponsorship of objectionable materials. The letter’s full attachment is accessible here:

Resources (Catholic teachings)

Please note: All communications linked in these pages contain reference to Catholic teaching, summarize Catholic teaching, and can be quoted and used as appropriate. The following are all issued directly by the Vatican. Various communications summarize these documents.

Vatican – Christifideles Laici

Vatican – Man and Woman | He Created Them

Gratissiman Sane (1994)

Vatican – The Catholic School (2008)

For a comprehensive identification of the Gospel errors associated with “woke” teachings, see

Resources (letters)

  • Letter to Bishop of the Diocese of Sacramento upon threat of retaliation by Jesuit High School Administrator against parent voicing objections through Concerned Parents group, with attachments (Tabs A to M within letter, describing each attachment).

    Letter to Bishop

    • Other letters and communications are maintained elsewhere, such as in the Resources/Catholic teachings link, or Resources/Canon Law link.

      Tab E - Dalton Letter - Annie Fox

      Tab D - Alum Letter - Province

      Tab C - Alum Letter - Jesuit

      Tab B - JHS Parent Letter

      Tab A - Open letter from concerned students

      Tab L - Communication to Concerned Parents

      Tab K - Jesuit High School Board of Trustees Response Letter

      Tab J - Letter from Board to Mrs Herrmann

      Tab I - Jesuit English Homework Example

      Tab H - O'Connor - asst prin - pronouns

      Tab M - Communication by Dalton Parents

      Resources (links to theologians and educators)

      Concerned Parents email summarizing Marxist roots of factionalized teaching

      Bishop Robert Barron’s (Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles)

      Bishop Robert Barron on evangelization, including the fall of the quality of religious education in Catholic schools and misunderstanding the Second Vatican Council:

      Encyclical, Rerum Novarum (Pope Leo XIII, 1891), with harsh condemnation of Marxism and any political system that devalues the individual:

      Encyclical, Divini Redemptoris (Pope Pius XI, 1937), exclusively condemning Marxism, nearly simultaneous to separate encyclical condemning Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party:

      Encyclical, Mit Brennender Sorge (Pope Pius XI, 1937), condemning National Socialist German Workers Party, smuggled into Germany and read in all pulpits on Palm Sunday, 1937:

      A commentary of the context for Mit Brennender Sorge:

      National Catholic Register article raising awareness of the challenges facing the Society of Jesus, 2021:

      Jesuit alumni reflection (St. Ignatius) (May 2021)

      Jesuit alumni reflection (1918’s Fr. Willie Doyle vs. Jesuit’s 2021 Pink Unicorn) (April 2021)

      “Race, Equality and the Rule of Law; Critical Race Theory’s Attack on the Promises of Liberalism.” (1991)

      “Critical Race Theory: What it is and How to Fight It.” (2021)

      Resources (canon law and lawyers)

      Letter sent to Bishop

      Letter to Jesuits West Province from Canon Lawyer Laura Morrison

      Response of Jesuits West Province (June 29, 2021), not denying objectionable teachings taking place, asserts Jesuits’ right to teach them, and stating “we’re not for everybody,” a statement of surprising arrogance and defiance

      Letter sent to Jesuit Board of Trustees as legal owners of Jesuit High School (August 5, 2021)

      Letter sent to President of USF Paul Fitzgerald, SJ, as part of the canonical process

      Letter response from President of USF Paul Fitzgerald, now an Exhibit in the canonical process

      Resources (lawsuits)

      Scarpo v. Academy of the Holy Names

      Biz Journal

      Scarpo Ascending

      Ascending Campaign

      AHN Website At a Glance - Academy of the Holy Names

      Scarpo v AHN Complaint Final

      Raimo Garateix Email

      AHN Handbook 1

      School Blackboard

      Gift Pledge w AHN

      P. v. Jesuit High School [Sacramento], John McGarry SJ [President], and Michael Wood [Principal]

      Complaint Redacted

      Eisenberg et al. v. The Brentwood School

      Resources (other schools)

      The Dalton School (private, non-sectarian, New York, New York)

      Gonzaga High School (Jesuit-founded, Spokane) weblink promoting radicalism, in embracing race-factionalism and the “bipoc” group’s call for deconstruction of the United States:, citing to Gonzaga, as the link shows, promotes the work of the “bipoc” group.

      Archbishop Mitty High School (Diocesan high school, San Jose) and the appointment of Latanya Hilton as its President by Bishop Cantu, despite her association (through her co-founded entity “Ambassador’s Circle”) with and support for (1) the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group of drag-queen males who wear “habits” that mock the full traditional habits of Roman Catholic Sisters, (2) elimination of traditional morality, including monogamy, and (3) abortion-on-demand, opposing even regulation of late-term abortions.  One of the linked documents (AMHS PDF) is a multi-page document prepared by faithful Catholics and circulated to priests of the San Jose Diocese in protest against the hiring of someone with views as extremely anti-Catholic as Ms. Hilton’s.
      Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles (Jesuit-founded), and the University of the San Francisco (USF) (Jesuit-founded).

      • Loyola.  Alumni, donors and students have commissioned a website designed to showcase the many errors in play at Loyola, including the hiring of an atheist, Robbin Crabtree, as Dean of the Bellarmine College of Liberals Arts, which includes Loyola’s theology department.  The Bellarmine College is named for St. Robert Bellarmine, a 16th century Jesuit.  St. Robert’s writings and reflections survive, including this one:  “When we appeal to the throne of grace we do so through Mary, honoring God by honoring His Mother, imitating Him by exalting her, touching the most responsive chord in the sacred heart of Christ with the sweet name of Mary.”  Appointing an atheist as dean of a college named for him is a remarkable event.  In defending the choice, the now-President of University of San Francisco (Jesuit-founded) Paul Fitzgerald, SJ, then of Fairfield College, Crabtree’s previous employer, listed the reasons she was such a wise choice to promote Jesuit education: “I cannot tell you how strong a supporter of Jesuit education Robbin is. She is deeply and passionately committed to higher education in the Jesuit model–its intellectual rigor, its integrative ways of thinking, knowing, and doing, its civic engagement, and its focus on social responsibility.”  There is no mention in this list of salvation, the baptism of souls, the path to eternity, or that scripture-based life on Earth is the surest path to heaven itself?

        Loyola Marymount University has “evolved” to become a particularly striking exhibit of the removal of Catholic teachings from self-described “Catholic” colleges.  The website extensively details how comprehensively Loyola has strayed.  Loyola’s institutional contempt for teaching Catholicism is broad and comprehensive, reaching even the presentation of Salvation message itself.  The popular AMDG seen in Jesuit literature means “for the Greater Glory of God.”  Ignatius of Loyola originated the phrase, but there was more of it when he conceived of it:  Ad maiorem Dei gloriam inque hominum salutem or “for the greater glory of God and the salvation of humanity.”  Removing the Salvation message eliminated Salvation as an emphasis, meaning “salvation” was now a changing concept, unheard of in the Church outside of several old heresies now gone for centures.  By removing Salvation, de-emphasizing it, and not teaching it, the door opens wide to the teaching of error instead.  This is certainly how it came to be that Loyola Marymount allows an atheist to define the Salvation message, and hire and reward professors accordingly. Loyola and elements of its faculty removed the ingredient of the Divine from Salvation, and replaced it with the notion of “living the correct social message” as constituting a path to salvation. What’s more, this was all publicly announced by Loyola’s Dean of the Bellarmine School of Liberal Arts, the same Robbin Crabtree, atheist and former Planned Parenthood Board Member. Dr. Crabtree’s atheism would not be a matter of concern if she occupied a position in a secular university. But in taking an executive role in the shaping of the Theology and Philosophy Departments of a self-described and canonically Catholic school, it is of great concern. The silence of the institutional Jesuits is a matter of grave concern too. While the Society may not directly control LMU, it operates in the name of the Jesuits and operates as “Catholic” under the authority of the local bishop, the very faithful Archbishop Jose Gomez. For the Society of Jesus to tolerate this extraordinary waywardness in defiance of Church teaching and in contempt for the authority of the local bishop risks misleading the faithful and malforming our Catholic young people. The press release linked here:

        From the Press Release:

        Robbin D. Crabtree, Ph.D., dean of the LMU Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, emphasized that LMU is the right place for Professors Pineda-Madrid and Miller to do their work. “We maintain an active commitment to the study of multiple faith traditions as part of our Catholic/Jesuit/Marymount tradition to form persons for others and educate students holistically,” said Crabtree. “Pineda-Madrid and Miller will have a profound impact on our students and their colleagues through their thoughtful scholarship and teaching.”

        Nancy Pineda-Madrid was installed as the holder of the T. Marie Chilton Chair in Catholic Theology during a virtual event on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021. As part of the ceremony, Pineda-Madrid delivered a lecture titled “To Believe In the God Who Saves” that explored the enduring theological question of salvation; challenging spiritual individualism and offering a vision for a more inclusive, social salvation relevant to our present time and place.

        “We must reimagine salvation by emphasizing its social dimension thereby challenging the exclusive and narrowly individual understanding,” said Pineda-Madrid. “An understanding of salvation calls all disciples of Jesus Christ to the pursuit of justice and solidarity with others who are not members of our family, who are not people we know as friends, who are not members of our religion, ethnicity, tribe, our race, our nation, our country.”

        Prior to her appointment at LMU, Pineda-Madrid was an associate professor of theology and Latinx/a ministry at Boston College, where she taught for 14 years. She earned her B.B.A. from LMU, her Master of Divinity degree from Seattle University and a Ph.D. in systematic and philosophical theology from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. Pineda-Madrid is a leading voice in U.S. Latinx theologies, as well as U.S. and global feminist theologies.

      • USF.  In 2013, USF historian and current dean Alan Ziajka stated publicly: “There are times when there’s a tension between liberal USF and more traditional views at the Vatican,” said Ziajka, the [University of San Francisco] historian. ‘We try to imbue students with Jesuit values. The idea is that we’re not out to convert souls, but to pursue social justice and improve people’s lives.’” (San Francisco Chronicle, November 13, 2013.)
      • For an alumni (USF and Jesuit Sacramento) reflection on the detachment of justice from salvation, linked please find “Detach Justice from Salvation and Watch the Furies Fly In.”

      AMHS PDF Form

      Founding Ambassador Latanya Hilton

      Loyola Academy, Wilmette, Illinois (Jesuit). “LA Concerned Parents” letter (PDF) identifying comprehensive error in Loyola Academy (Illinois) teaching. Letter dated August 18, to the Board of Trustees, Loyola Academy.

      LA Concerned Parents

      Carondolet High School, Concord, California (Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondolet). Public display in school building promoting and glamorizing gender reassignment in minors, showcasing a minor, born male, popularized at age 7 as being “transgendered”, with surgical reassignment occurring at age 18, and who now self-refers as being “pansexual” (sexual attraction not limited to specific gender). At this school (as at so many others nationwide), there is no corresponding public showcasing of monogamy, sacramental marriage, or any other genuinely Catholic teaching.

      Carondolet High School, Concord, California

      California’s new public school curriculum, is explicitly anti-God, anti-Catholic, anti-civilization, and pro-Marxist (excerpted content from Santa Clara County Board of Education rollout meeting):

      University of San Francisco (Jesuit-founded, 1855), resident historian and provost for academic affairs Alan Ziajka stating the Jesuits are no longer about evangelization or the conversion of souls, 2013:

      Boston College law school Law Review article condemning Critical Race Theory as antithetical to the United States Constitution and traditional Liberalism, 1999:

      Resources (objectionable materials)

        • Resources (objectionable materials) (curricula, web links and sample assignments, from Jesuit High School, Sacramento, and from other schools across the country).
          • Jesuit High School (Sacramento):  Examples from Jesuit High School (Sacrament) are contained in the multiple communications sent to Jesuit’s Administration and the Bishop of the Diocese of Sacramento between October 6, 2021, and June 3, 2021.  Further assignments not previously posted will be are placed here, including the following new assignment:
            • The assignment below was made on May 10, 2021, by a newly-ordained Jesuit priest.  His exact pastoral experience with young men in high school settings is unknown.  In this assignment, Fr. Perry Petrich SJ is presenting materials against explicit claims made by the school Administration that the materials are no longer in use.  The Petrich Assignment pertained to a supposedly “student” letter (whose tone and content did not appear to be “student”-driven at all) that originally prompted the Concerned Parents of Jesuit High School to communicate their concerns by their letter dated October 6, 2021 (posted in Resources – Communications).  The “student” letter had not been released to parents, yet their sons were asked school-wide to sign it, petition-style.  Word got out and parents complained.  Jesuit’s Administration resisted the complaints, and was hostile to parents who did complain.  Later, once the letter was released and posted on the school’s website after parent demands, Jesuit’s Administration in early Spring 2021 stated the “student” letter had been removed from Jesuit High School classrooms as a teaching tool.  Obviously, that was not accurate.  Here it is again on May 10, 2021, and offered not as a philosophical inquiry into the accuracy or inaccuracy of the “student” letter, but accepting it as true and correct, and directing students to “thank” their brother students for writing it.  The letter was captured by a screenshot of a student’s home screen, another example of distance learning providing access to materials the school otherwise does not disclose – and in this case, misrepresented as having been removed from the curriculum.

      • In the following assignment, a Jesuit freshman English teacher invited the young boys in his class to reflect on their gender identity. The bottom corner of the handout (accessed by parent screen capture) shows the source to be, not an authentically Catholic educational resource, but the University of Michigan.

      Jesuit English Homework

        • The University of Michigan website noted on the handout contains further teachings expanding on these classifications, identifying as “privileged” being Christian, cisgendered (i.e., if one identifies with his or her birth gender), “abled” (i.e., able-bodied), and male.

      Invisible Knapsacks

        • Gonzaga Prep (Spokane), discussed elsewhere on this website, imposes the objectionable teachings on its students, including by using resources from St. Mary’s Press and elsewhere. While St. Mary’s Press identifies itself as “Catholic,” we cannot locate on its website whether it actually functions with the endorsement of any bishop, or other source of Church authority. Merely calling itself Catholic does not mean it is, as a matter of Canon Law and theology, authentically “Catholic.” The teachings from St. Mary’s Press captured by screen shot suggest St. Mary’s Press is adrift too:

        • The West Coast source of (and inspiration for) these objectionable teachings at Jesuit High School, Gonzaga and elsehwere:  the Jesuits West Province.
          • Jesuit High School, Sacramento, is located within the Jesuits West Province of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits).  There are multiple provinces in the United States, but fewer than there used to be.  This is because of consolidation resulting from low numbers of vocations and priests.  What used to be the separate Oregon and California provinces are now consolidated as the “Jesuits West Province,” geographically encompassing CA, OR, WA, NV, ID, AZ, AK, ID, MT, UT and HI.  However, high schools and colleges are located only in CA (Jesuit HS Sacramento, Loyola HS LA, St. Ignatius Prep SF, Bellarmine Prep San Jose, Xavier Prep Palm Desert, Cristo Rey HS Sacramento, Verbum Dei HS LA, Loyola Marymount U, USF, and Santa Clara U), OR (Jesuit Portland), WA (Seattle U, Seattle U High School, Gonzaga U, Gonzaga U Prep, and Bellarmine Tacoma), and AZ (Brophy Prep).  Following are examples of objectionable materials presented by the Province and samples from Province high schools:
            •  The Province has designated Annie Fox as its highest ranking designee for matters of faith and justice in its schools, a body of work that includes the teaching of “white privilege” and “systemic racism.”  Ms. Fox is not a Roman Catholic, has no expertise in juvenile psychology, and has as her chief professional history being involved in “organizing.”  St. Ignatius of Loyola founded the Jesuits.  His motto was “for the greater glory of God and the salvation of humanity.”  The “salvation of humanity,” despite being a founding precept of the Jesuit order, is no longer prioritized, forsaking the very purpose of Catholic teaching and theology.
            • Despite the command in New Testament scripture that “unity” is central to Christianity (a message included even in the prayers of consecration at Holy Mass), the Province has explicitly adopted core teachings of Critical Race Theory, including the concept of “privilege,” including “white privilege.” The below screen capture shows specialized assignments for “white leaders.” There is no scriptural basis for such teaching, and use of “Ignatius” or “Ignatian” to describe is simply to give false cover to illegitimate and anti-Christian teachings. The Concerned Parents and their Canon Lawyer Laura Morrison have extensively addressed these concepts and their illegitimacy in numerous writings, all now posted throughout this website.


            • Further Jesuits West materials, accessible as of April 18, 2022, showing the narrow path the Province’s schools seek for students of Province high schools. One document includes two statements reported by staff/faculty from Jesuit Sacramento, including “continuing to wrestle with inviting students in when the mission can be counter cultural to family.” The same document also speaks of the goal to replace “service” with “justice education.” The documents attached demonstrate what this “justice education” must consist of. The documents also include an all-out attack on the Thanksgiving holiday, a document that also attacks the United States in multiple ways, refers to the holiday as a “fraud,” and inaccurately recounts from a long-standing radicalized perspective the history of the nation.

      Personal Interpersonal Work Resources

      Indigenous Solidarity Network

      Ignatian Family Teach

      Summary of Stages of Racial Identity Development

      Privilege Inventory

      Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack II

      Province Announcements


        • Other schools:
          • St. Louis University High School (St. Louis): Similar to assignments elsewhere, the St. Louis University High School English teacher who issued this test direct his student about how and what to think, using the Mark Twain masterpiece “Tom Sawyer” as an example of white supremacy. Teachings like this limit thought, do not invite inquiry, and presents a false and exceedingly narrow view of literature to vulnerable and impressionable youth.

      St. Louis University High School

        • Academy of the Holy Names (Tampa): According to a lawsuit filed by significant donors, Academy of the Holy Names (founded by an order of women, the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary), the Academy abandoned Catholic teaching in favor of race theory and companion teachings. The lawsuit alleged that the school was not forthright in taking donor funds, never disclosing its course change, resulting in a form of fraud. (See, This same dynamic is operative across the country, and forms one of the grounds for the canonical action now underway against Jesuit High School (Sacramento): the failure of the school to disclose to parents and donors that it had incorporated the objectionable teachings into its curriculum.
        • Archbishop Mitty (San Jose, California). In 2020, Bishop Oscar Cantu appointed Latanya Hilton as President of Archbishop Mitty High School, a diocesan high school. Ms. Hilton, though a Mitty alumna, founded the Ambassadors Circle, an organization that promotes mockery of the traditional habits of Catholic Sisters (by aligning with a drag-queen group out of San Francisco whose chief distinction is to wear clothing that slurs and mocks traditional Sisters), promotes the elimination of traditional standards and teachings about sex and morality, and has actively campaigned for elimination of all abortion restrictions.

        Accomodating love and lust

        Founding Ambassador Latanya Hilton

          • If you have materials you’d like posted, please email it to us at [email protected]. We do remove student-identifying information, but we request that you include the name of the class, and the date the materials were distributed or came to your attention. While we respect student and parent anonymity, we must have enough information to ensure reliability. Please note that while some schools have maintained parents have no right to see materials in classroom use, this is incorrect. (See the Concerned Parents email dated July 31, 2021, posted in “Resources – Communications”, for background on schools’ deliberate concealments of materials from parents. Within the Catholic school setting, this is a breach of Canon Law, for all of the reasons made clear in multiple Concerned Parents’ communications.

        Jesuit - Theology - Assignment 030121

        Resources/Other Materials

        Christopher Rufo, a native of Sacramento and once a member of St. Ignatius Parish, Sacramento, has provided a helpful summary of Critical Race Theory (linked).  As the Concerned Parents, Alumni, and Donors of Jesuit High School (Sacramento) have emphasized in their writings and presentations, Critical Race Theory is present, though usually its presence is denied.  In most curricula, it operates alongside other indications of factionalizing, referred to as “intersectionality,” the concept by which such things as Christianity or identifying with one’s birth gender (“cisgender”) or being male or Caucasian are privileged or oppressive.   For an example of this in use at Jesuit High School, Sacramento, please see, just one of many variants of the subject matter. 

        Mr. Rufo is a Senior Fellow at The Manhattan Institute, which also produced a parent primer on “woke” teachings, attached.  (Link: Concerned Parents, Donors and Alumni have produced a series of Town Halls, all now available on YouTube.  The Town Halls are designed to present thoughtful parent testimonials about their children and their shock at what amounts to abuse of their young minds, their emotions, and their mental health and well-being.  The Town Halls also present alumni, parents of former students, and to place all of this in a Roman Catholic pastoral and canonical context, a Canon Lawyer.  Town Hall III also presents a child psychologist, a credentialed social worker and national activist, and two esteemed Catholic educators who have designed a path forward.  The Town Halls all feature courageous testimony describing how wayward many schools – including many Jesuit schools – have become.

        1. Town Hall I: (parent testimonies and canon law)
        2. Town Hall II:  (parent testimonies, information gathering, and canon law)
        3. Town Hall III:  (child social and emotional welfare specialists, Catholic educators and new paths forward)