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We are originally a group of Jesuit High School (Sacramento) parents, alumni, and donors who organized to restore truth, clarity, and direction to the teaching of the Catholic Christian faith at Jesuit. We have since grown into an association of parent groups across the country who seek to correct the wayward direction of once proudly Catholic schools and counter the forces of secular radicalism that imperil our schools and damage our sons and daughters.

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Join us to help spread the news that Catholic Christianity supplies the best possible guidance to our young, to oppose factionalism, and to elevate the unity of the “One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.”

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Helping Our School

Preserve and protect the institution of Jesuit High School in Sacramento, California for future generations of men for others by advocating for the restoration of teaching consistent with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, the full deposit of faith, and elimination of divisive teachings that harm, abuse, and factionalize.

Helping Your School

Inspire others locally and across the country to take steps to reclaim their own schools from division, radicalism, and the un-Christianity of false teachings.

Who We Are

We are ordinary people

The Problem

Christian education is formation

The Solution

The solution is NOT to tear down the institution

How You Can Help

Share your stories and classroom materials.

Town Halls I, II, and III now uploaded to YouTube, and linked on our Resources page.

The Concerned Parents, Donors and Alumni have produced a series of Town Halls, all now available on YouTube. The Town Halls are designed to present thoughtful parent testimonials about their children and their shock at what amounts to abuse of their young minds, their emotions, and their mental health and well-being. The Town Halls also present alumni, parents of former students, and to place all of this in a Roman Catholic pastoral and canonical context, a Canon Lawyer. Town Hall III also presents a child psychologist, a credentialed social worker and national activist, and two esteemed Catholic educators who have designed a path forward. The Town Halls all feature courageous testimony describing how wayward many schools – including many Jesuit schools – have become.

  1. Town Hall I: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHoBtHMqBQw (parent testimonies and canon law)
  2. Town Hall II: https://youtu.be/ZPWm6jCmCXo (parent testimonies, information gathering, and canon law)
  3. Town Hall III: https://youtu.be/cjWjEcatlZ8 (child social and emotional welfare specialists, Catholic educators and new paths forward)

Putting the Situation in Context

These resources are provided for your use to help you understand in context what is happening at Jesuit High School and elsewhere.  Efforts to date are useful in showing how resistant Jesuit and other schools are to challenge and even question.  We have included JCP’s correspondence with JHS leadership, actual assignments and handouts provided to students and selected Catholic and non-Catholic resources we hope will be helpful in putting the situation in its full context.

Urgent letter to Merrick Garland, Attorney General of the United States

Concerned Parents, Alumni, and Donors of Jesuit High School (Sacramento) supports the work of No Left Turn in Education, a non-partisan advocacy group seeking to restore tradition Liberal education and the removal of factionalized teachings. Many of the news reports you’ve read about the dedicated parents speaking up publicly at school board meetings across the country obtain materials, guidance and support from No Left Turn in Education.

No Left Turn in Education, after careful study of the grotesque materials being presented to children by agencies of government (including schools and libraries) took a firm stand against this distribution. By letter dated January 5, 2022, No Left Turn’s Elana Fishbein alerted United States Attorney General Merrick Garland to the problem. We agree with Dr. Fishbein. The materials Dr. Fishbein writes about contain imagery and writing graphically depicting sexual activity by minors, written by adults and aimed at minors. How is this relevant to Jesuit? The same movements that result in Jesuit’s drive to impose on its students “gender fluidity” is the same movement that results in the presence of these materials, which elevate gender fluidity as a social positive, and depictions of graphic sex involving minors simply a wholesome rite of passages.

Dr. Fishbein’s letter is linked. WARNING: the letter attaches excerpts from the books, which are graphic and disturbing, particularly once you consider that these materials target children.

Confronting Evil: No Left Turn in Education Challenges the DOJ to Investigate and Prosecute Educators who Distribute Pornography in Schools.

On January 5, 2022, No Left Turn in Education (NLTE) sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland imploring him to address a crisis of depravity in K-12 education. With the blessing and encouragement of teachers unions and school officials, educators all across America are introducing obscene content to classrooms with children as young as five. In any other setting, an adult providing access to children of materials so explicit would properly be classified as an abuser, a harasser, or even a groomer of the minor for the purposes of sex.

In the letter (included as an attachment to this press release), NLTE Founder and President Dr. Elana Fishbein calls on the Attorney General to “investigate and, if the facts warrant, to prosecute” individuals responsible for this exploitation of minors. Her letter provides examples of commonly used obscene literature that has infiltrated many classrooms across America. This material contains graphic and textual descriptions of masturbation, oral sex and pedophilia. Federal law is explicitly clear in the illegality of providing such content to minors and recommends fines and long imprisonment for offenders.

For nearly two years, parents and concerned citizens have been confronting school boards across America to oppose curricula content that violates community standards and forces children to consume teaching that runs afoul of their faith-based principles. Nonetheless, last October the White House used the National School Board Association as a proxy to weaponize the Department of Justice and the FBI against these parents in America whose “crime” was their wish to know what their children are being taught at school.

NLTE urges the DOJ to reverse course and instead heed the concerns of those very same parents and enforce federal constitutional and statutory law that has been enacted to protect children. Communities entrusted their children to educators who have abused that trust and have disregarded parental authority and religious freedom to advance their depraved agenda. They have done this purposefully and blatantly in many schools without parental consent and often in complete denial.

“Child sexual exploitation has become rampant in our nation’s schools and poses a danger to the well-being of children cannot be understated. Sexualizing the young makes them vulnerable to predators and promotes values that deteriorate the underpinnings of our society. The Department of Justice should have ‘no higher priority’ than to rid our schools of depraved pornographic material and the individuals who are providing it to children!” Dr. Fishbein states emphatically.

Letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland



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